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12mm Versapanel Cement Bonded Particle Board - 1200mm x 2400mm

12mm Versapanel Cement Bonded Particle Board - 1200mm x 2400mm
12mm Versapanel Cement Bonded Particle Board - 1200mm x 2400mm
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  • Model: 1200mm x 2400mm - 2.88m2
  • Weight: 44.93kg

12mm Versapanel is a durable and flexible cement bonded particle board that meets the requirements of moisture tolerance and fire resistance. This board is manufactured from wood particles and cement and has no asbestos or any other hazardous volatiles. Versapanel has a smooth grey surface and is available in two basic finishes: unsanded - suitable for many decorative finishes and calibrated - sanded on both sides. The panel is easy to use and can be nailed, screwed, drilled, routed, sanded, planed or sawn. Versapanel can be used above 18 metres because of its higher mechanical strength and without the need for additional and often expensive specialist fixings. Versapanel delivers exceptional performance in the presence of moisture as cut edges do not require sealing to prevent degradation. Due to relative high density, Versapanel provides a high mass exterior lining to optimise acoustic performance of the building envelope.


  • Available in smooth or textured face,
  • Highly economical,
  • Easy to install and versatile - can be screwed, stapled, nailed or bonded,
  • Durable, flexible and cost-effective,
  • Offers a level of acoustic insulation,
  • Suitable for timber and steel frame systems,
  • Fire rated and non-toxic under fire,
  • Impact resistant,
  • Vermin and rot resistant,
  • Great dimensional stability,
  • CE marked.


  • New build and renovation,
  • As a carrier board in various cladding systems, including brick slips systems, terracotta cladding systems and insulated render systems. 
  • As an external cladding board,
  • As a structural member,
  • On internal walls and partitions,


  • Brick bond pattern should be used for fixing the boards. Avoid 4 way joints.
  • Use stainless steel self-countersinking and self-drilling screw fixings.
  • Fixings should be placed at 200mm centres at the perimeter of the board and 300mm centres on intermediate support.
  • Expansion joints should be 4mm in single frame assembly and 10mm at the joint of two frame assemblies.
  • The mounted boards should be acclimatised prior to further work.


  • Tested to BS 476-6 & BS 476-7 classified as Class 0 building board with a Class 1 surface spread of flame.
  • European classification to EN 13501-1: B1 B-s1,d0