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Tools for insulated render systems - cutters, trowels, grinders and floats, which makes the installing easier and faster. They are of high quality and the prices are competitive.

The abrasive rasp allows you to shape the surface of the EPS insulation, to provide a flat rougher surface on which to apply the base coat of the EWI system and to remove this top oily layer, which sometimes happen on the EPS insulation.

The floats trowels are guaranteed to stay flat after use after use, to withstand pressure of hard-trowelling. The flat blade makes applications easier with more consistent finish. The steel float to get the render where it should be, while the plastic float is used to achieve the correct finish. By using the plastic float flat on the wall and moving it in quick circular motions helps to get the textured render finish.

The plastic disk cutter would cut exact round pieces off the EPS board, so the insulation fixing could be hammered or drilled in, and then the cut piece is fixed back in the hole to get a even surface.


Brand: ZVM Model: 270mm x 130mm
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
270mm x 130mm Abrasive Tool (Grinder) for Polystyrene EWI boards, an essential tool used for rasping and smoothing polystyrene boards used for insulating external walls. The abrasive surface shaves of..
£20.40 inc VAT
Brand: Klimas W-M Model: 67mm - pack of 100
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
67mm Grey Polystyrene Plugs used to cover the pin shaft, blocking the thermal bridge giving a homogeneous surface in external wall insulation systems using grey polystyrene boards.How the plug should ..
£8.80 inc VAT
Brand: Klimas W-M Model: 67mm
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
67mm PVC Disk Cutter is used to cut holes in polystyrene sheets. The end cap can be installed correctly in the hole and cover it to get a homogeneous surface. The tool diameter is 66.7mm, which would ..
£10.66 inc VAT
Brand: ZVM Model: 140mm x 280mm
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
Plastic float is used in finishing work of the insulated textured renders such as silicone, acrylic or silicate.CHARACTERISTICS:plastic handlelightweight.sturdysize: 140mm x 280mm..
£9.01 inc VAT
Brand: Ceresit Model: FG-038
Delivery Time: 2 - 3 Days
PU Expanding Foam Gun is a professional tool which gives a much greater degree of control, increases the application accuracy and cuts down on unnecessary wastage. Foam gun is manufactured to the high..
£18.02 inc VAT
Brand: ZVM Model: 130mm x 250mm
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
Stainless Steel Finishing trowel used in smoothing and finishing the surface of concrete or render. It made from the highest quality material and helps to compact the surface and add to the quality an..
£19.80 inc VAT
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