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Klimas W-M

Klimas W-M is a leading Polish manufacturer of the highest quality fasteners and insulation fixings and has been designing and creating solutions for the construction industry since 1990. The company has two modern factories, and soon will start production in a third plant. Klimas W-M received the European Technical Approval for construction products in 2005 and currently, Klimas W-M has 17 European approvals, many certificates and distinctions, which are proof of the highest quality of products.

Thanks to the experience of high class specialists, cooperation with producers of various industries, new investments and dialogue with clients, the Klimas W-M brand has been synonymous with the highest quality of products used in the construction industry for almost 30 years. Klimas W-M products are sold in over 60 countries in the world.

Klimas W-M company is independent at every stage of product creation and distribution - from design, through execution, testing, sales, logistics, transport, to merchandising and marketing.

Klimas W-M's team of designers creates and then tests new, innovative solutions. The production fasteners and insulation fixings takes place in large-scale factories equipped with the most modern European machines and devices. The advanced laboratory ensures the quality control at every stage of production, and also enables continuous work on innovations. An extensive commercial network enables quick service to our clients worldwide. A modern logistics centre coordinates the timely shipment and distribution of products to all sales points. Taking into account market trends and customer expectations, Klimas W-M creates transparent visual identification systems, product packaging.

Brand: Klimas W-M Model: 70mm - pack of 200
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
70mm LMX10 is a external wall insulated render board fixing with a metal pin for fixing polystyrene, mineral wool and lamella mineral wool external wall insulation (EWI) on all categories of substrate..
£63.00 inc VAT
67mm Grey Polystyrene Plugs - pack of 100
New Hot
Brand: Klimas W-M Model: 67mm - pack of 100
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
67mm Grey Polystyrene Plugs used to cover the pin shaft, blocking the thermal bridge giving a homogeneous surface in external wall insulation systems using grey polystyrene boards.How the plug should ..
£8.80 inc VAT
67mm Plastic Disk Cutter for Polystyrene Sheets
New Hot
Brand: Klimas W-M Model: 67mm
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
67mm PVC Disk Cutter is used to cut holes in polystyrene sheets. The end cap can be installed correctly in the hole and cover it to get a homogeneous surface. The tool diameter is 66.7mm, which would ..
£10.66 inc VAT
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