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External Wall Insulation Fixings

Types of External Wall Insulation Fixings

  • Polypropylene fixings with flat head,
  • Polypropylene fixings with a nail

The weight of external insulation board is transferred through shearing forces directly onto the wall. The insulation fixings additionally fixes the external wall insulation to the substrate. It is also a technical requirement for the installation of the external wall insulation (EWI). The insulation fixing is the only element that counteracts the forces that affect the external insulation system. The weight of the insulation elevation and protection against wind suction forces rests on the insulation fixing, so it is very important to select the optimal anchoring.

The insulation fixings depend on the substrate. There are specialised types of insulation fixings for,

  • use in ordinary concrete,
  • use in lightweight concrete,
  • use in aerated concrete,
  • use in solid blocks, silica brick, ceramic brick,
  • use in walls made of hollow bricks or cavity bricks,
  • use in wood.

Since the resistance to load and displacement under load depends solely on the substrate, to assess the properties of the insulation fixings in such substrates, tests should always be carried out on site. 

Insulation fixings for wood panels. It has a metal pin. Just hammer it in.

For solid brick, block and concrete substrates. Drill a hole slightly smaller than the pin and hammer the fixing in.

Hammered-in or screwed-in expander nail fixing for external wall insulation boards. Suitable for use in concrete, solid brick, solid stone, honeycomb brick, hollow clay brick, hollow aggregate brick, aerated concrete substrates.


Brand: Klimas W-M Model: 67mm - pack of 100
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
67mm Grey Polystyrene Plugs used to cover the pin shaft, blocking the thermal bridge giving a homogeneous surface in external wall insulation systems using grey polystyrene boards.How the plug should ..
£8.80 inc VAT
Brand: Klimas W-M Model: 67mm
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
67mm PVC Disk Cutter is used to cut holes in polystyrene sheets. The end cap can be installed correctly in the hole and cover it to get a homogeneous surface. The tool diameter is 66.7mm, which would ..
£10.66 inc VAT
Brand: Friulsider Model: 70mm x 10mm
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
70mm Isofast Insulation Panel Fixings are polypropylene anchors for semi or rigid external wall insulation boards to solid walls. Both the plug and the nail are made from polypropylene, the nail is ad..
£41.42 inc VAT
Brand: Klimas W-M Model: 70mm - pack of 200
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
70mm LMX10 is a external wall insulated render board fixing with a metal pin for fixing polystyrene, mineral wool and lamella mineral wool external wall insulation (EWI) on all categories of substrate..
£63.00 inc VAT
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