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Ceresit CT49 Silix XD Nano-Silicone Paint - 15L

Ceresit CT49 Silix XD Nano-Silicone Paint - 15L
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Ceresit CT49 Silix XD Nano-Silicone Paint - 15L
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  • Model: 15L
  • Weight: 15.00kg

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Ceresit CT49 Silix XD Nano-Silicone Paint - 15L

Coverage: 50m3
Weight: 15kg

Ceresit CT49 Silix XD Nano-silicone paint had been created from selected and modified silicone resins, polysiloxane resins, special fillers and pigments. The addition of the Polytetrafloroethylene (PTFE) additives to the recipe gives an extremely high degree of hydrophobia to the surface coating. Traditional paints lack the ability to repel water, dirt and other contaminants, which leads to the dullness that we see on practically every surface. The painted surface has the pearly effect, highly hydrophobic and retains very high vapour permeability. Ceresit CT49 Silix XD nano-silicone paint is used indoors and outdoors, especially for protecting areas against weathering, sour rain, biological corrosion and in places, where high durability and dirt-resistance is required. Ceresit CT49 Silix XD nano-silicone paint can be applied on concrete, cement plasters, lime-cement plasters and lime plasters.

Assumed consumption: depending on the smoothness and absorption of the substrate, on average approx. 0.3 l/m2 with two coatings


  • Negligible absorption,
  • Thixotropic,
  • Covers cracks,
  • Highly breathable,
  • Self-cleaning,
  • High resistance to dirt,
  • High resistant to algae, fungi and mould,
  • High resistant to UV and weather conditions,
  • Available in full palette of Ceresit Colours of Nature


  • External walls,
  • Internal walls


  • Mix carefully for about 2 minutes before applying. It is possible to add not more than 10% of water, if such a need arises.
  • Usually it is sufficient to paint twice. Between subsequent layers 4 - 6 hour technological breaks should be maintained.
  • The paint should be applied evenly by means of a brush, roller or a sprinkling device.  
  • Use only stainless containers and tools.
  • Work on one surface should be carried on without any breaks using the paint of the same badge number (printed on each packaging).
  • Any stains should be immediately rinsed with water.
  • Application should be performed in dry conditions with the ambient and substrate temperature ranging from +5 to +25 C and the humidity below 80 %. 
  • Tools should be washed carefully with water directly after being used. 


  • Ceresit CT49 paint is impossible to be removed on glass, ceramic, wooden, metal and stone surfaces, therefore all the elements in contact with the paint should be protected.
  • Stains should be carefully rinsed with water. 
  • Protective gloves and glasses should be worn while applying the paint to protect skin and eyes.