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WhiteTeq Pro Thermal and Sound Insulation Foam - 750ml

WhiteTeq Pro Thermal and Sound Insulation Foam - 750ml
WhiteTeq Pro Thermal and Sound Insulation Foam - 750ml
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WhiteTeq Pro Thermal and Sound Insulation Foam - 750ml

Ceresit WhiteTeQ is a high performance white polymer foam made of specially modified polyurethane. Ceresit WhiteTeQ polymer foam has an extra-fine cell structure and enhanced UV resistance. The cured foam has high thermal efficiency (up to 0,032 W/mK) and sound damping properties (63 dB). Ceresit WhiteTeQ polymer foam has a low curing pressure for maximum protection against deformation and high flexibility to ensure a long-term insulation efficiency. It is the perfect product for demanding sound insulation applications. The foam has excellent adhesion to wood, concrete, stone, metal. It does not contain CFC-propellants.


  • Excellent thermal insulation,
  • High sound protection,
  • Highly durable and flexible,
  • Low curing pressure,
  • Superior UV resistance,
  • Does not contain CFC-propellants. 


  • Insulation of door and window frames,
  • Filling of cavities,
  • Sealing of openings in roof constructions and insulation materials,
  • Creating soundproof screens,
  • Filling of cavities around pipes,
  • Fixing of roof tiles and wall panels.


  • Substrates must be stable, clean and free of substances likely to impair adhesion.
  • To ensure full and even curing of the foam, moisturise the substrate slightly.
  • Mask off adjacent areas with foil.
  • If the temperature indicator had turned blue, the container is too cold for usage. Warm up the container.
  • Shake the container vigorously before use.
  • Remove the plastic cap from the container and screw it tightly onto the gun.
  • Keep the container upside down. 
  • Repeat shaking regularly during application.
  • It is not recommendable to remove the container before it is totally empty. 
  • Unscrew the empty container and replace it immediately to ensure that there is no air left in the gun.
  • If you do not want to replace the container, clean the gun using PU foam cleaner.
  • Hardened foam can only be removed mechanically.