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Oslo Pearl White Smooth Facade Brick Slip - 240mm x 14mm x 71mm

Oslo Pearl White Smooth Facade Brick Slip - 240mm x 14mm x 71mm
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Oslo Pearl White Smooth Facade Brick Slip - 240mm x 14mm x 71mm
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  • Model: 240mm x 71mm - 0.017m2

Length: 240mm
Width: 14mm
Height: 71mm

240mm x 14mm x 71mm Oslo Pearl White Smooth Facade Brick Slips are designed to replicate the look of masonry that can be glued directly to substrate or fitted to a backing board. They are made of clay rich in Kaolinite originating from the Westerwald region, which gives its pearl white colour, a smooth face and are highly resistant to external factors, including water, frost, wind and fire. These clinker bricks are denser, heavier than standard bricks and gives out a metallic sound they make when struck together. They are suitable for both contemporary and traditional projects. Installing brick slips is cheaper and is a great way to upgrade existing walls without adding too much thickness.


  • Natural look,
  • Pearl white colour,
  • Durable,
  • Cost-effective,
  • Easy to handle and install,
  • Less labour intensive,
  • Reduce wall thickness,
  • High frost resistance,
  • Acid resistant,
  • Alkali resistant,
  • Reaction to fire Class A1
  • Low-maintenance.


  • On external walls,
  • On internal walls,
  • On proprietary cladding systems,
  • On rigid backer boards,
  • On external wall insulating systems.


  • Ensure that both the surface to install and brick surfaces are dust free and dry.
  • Mounting brick slips should be started at the most visible outside corner.
  • The grout should be mixed with clean water in a clean container using a high speed shear mixer.
  • Avoid brushing the brickwork too soon as this may leave brush marks in the mortar.
  • After completion of the job wash the surface with clean water and a hard bristle brush.
  • Ensure that staining does not occur.
  • Cleaning of the grout should not be carried out until the mortar has properly cured.