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Faro Granit Smooth Facade Brick Slip - 240mm x 14mm x 71mm

Faro Granit Smooth Facade Brick Slip - 240mm x 14mm x 71mm
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Faro Granit Smooth Facade Brick Slip - 240mm x 14mm x 71mm
  • Stock: 2 - 3 Days
  • Model: 240mm x 71mm - 0.017m2

Length: 240mm
Width: 14mm
Height: 71mm

240mm x 14mm x 71mm Faro Granit Natural Gery Brick Slips are designed to replicate the look of masonry that can be glued directly to substrate or fitted to a backing board. They They are lightweight compared to bricks and have an unusual light and darker shades of grey colour smooth face and are highly resistant to external factors, including water, frost, wind and fire. These clinker bricks are denser, heavier than standard bricks and gives out a metallic sound they make when struck together. They are suitable for both contemporary and traditional projects. Installing brick slips is cheaper and is a great way to upgrade existing walls without adding too much thickness.


  • Natural look,
  • Light and darker shades of grey,
  • Durable,
  • Cost-effective,
  • Easy to handle and install,
  • Less labour intensive,
  • Reduce wall thickness,
  • High frost resistance,
  • Acid resistant,
  • Alkali resistant,
  • Reaction to fire Class A1
  • Low-maintenance.


  • On external walls,
  • On internal walls,
  • On proprietary cladding systems,
  • On rigid backer boards,
  • On external wall insulating systems.


  • Ensure that both the surface to install and brick surfaces are dust free and dry.
  • Mounting brick slips should be started at the most visible outside corner.
  • The grout should be mixed with clean water in a clean container using a high speed shear mixer.
  • Avoid brushing the brickwork too soon as this may leave brush marks in the mortar.
  • After completion of the job wash the surface with clean water and a hard bristle brush.
  • Ensure that staining does not occur.
  • Cleaning of the grout should not be carried out until the mortar has properly cured.