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Established in 1966 in Italy, Friulsider is the leading international manufacturer of safe fixings, consolidating the identity values of over 50 years of history. It is a high quality fixing factor which promotes the culture of complete quality certified product -- safety through eco-sustainable technological innovation. Today, it is the worldwide leader in its field. FRIULSIDER designs and manufactures in-house safety and innovative fixings to meet all the demands and trends of the global market.

Friulsider has quality laboratories, 3D CAD design teams, so can produce from any type of base material. It has 120 production machines dedicated to the 4 product lines  -- metal, plastic and chemical fixings, self-tapping and self-drilling screws, wood fixings and bolts -- to European certifications for construction and industrial use, including seismic risk.

Friulsider achieved first quality certification ISO 9001 in 1998, and ISO 14001 in 2002 and also achieved European Certifications for more than 48 production lines in 2010 for more than 1500 products.

Friulsider has a stable distribution in over 30 European countries, reaching commercially over 70 countries worldwide. It is in the UK from 1994 with a branch in the country.  Friulsider has always considered that quality as an integrated system that includes standards and production performance, worker safety, environmental sustainability and the accuracy of customer service.

Brand: Friulsider Model: 70mm x 10mm
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70mm Isofast Insulation Panel Fixings are polypropylene anchors for semi or rigid external wall insulation boards to solid walls. Both the plug and the nail are made from polypropylene, the nail is ad..
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